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Resident Screening

E-Renter Services and Sample Reports

E-Renter provides a wide-range of comprehensive tenant screening reports, including credit information, criminal records, and other public records information. We offer several convenient packages of reports, as well as the individual reports described below. You can trust E-Renter to provide thorough comprehensive background and credit reporting, guide you through the process, and answer all questions quickly and easily.

E-Renter Background Check
E-Renter Background +
Credit Check
E-Renter Premium Background + Credit Check
new Rent Check Advisor
Should you accept checks from your tenant? Our Rent Check Advisor is based on check-writing patterns, NSF history, risk analysis and more.
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Consumer Credit Information
Maintain FCRA compliance with either full credit report (for commercial accounts) or credit check (for individual landlords).
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Business Credit Report
Learn key business facts, as well as credit ranking score and credit summary.
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County Criminal Records
Access extensive, real-time, county level criminal record checks.
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Nationwide Criminal Database
Review information from our nationwide, multi-jurisdictional criminal database.
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OFAC/Patriot Act
Get information from multiple government agencies tracking terrorist and narcotics watch lists.
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Sex Offender Database
Know full information gathered from Sex Offender Registries in all 50 states.
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Social Security
Validate Social Security numbers to verify identity.
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Bankruptcies, Liens & Judgments
Receive notices of bankruptcy filings and judgments in all 50 states.
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Learn eviction information not generally included on a credit report.
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Civil Court (County Level)
Manual searches of county records show foreclosures, loan defaults, evictions, and small claims.
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Not sure what services you need?

Call or email us today for a consultation on how E-Renter services benefit the following business categories--or your unique needs.

  • Apartment, Landlord or Property Management Company
  • Pre-employment Screening
  • Collections Company
  • Retailer
  • Auto/RV Dealership
  • Child Support Agency
  • Bank/Credit Union
  • Doctor/Dental Office
  • Bail Bonds
  • Judgment Recovery